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Why do the Refugee Challenge?



From Students




Taking part in The Refugee Challenge in 2016 simply put was life changing. It opened my eyes to the realities so many people face around the world, and sparked a passion in me to learn more about society and more so question it. Ever since The Refugee Challenge I’ve taken part in more leadership roles so I think it’s fair to say that the Challenge encouraged me to use my voice. It was also a great way to bond and create many great memories with other students, teachers, and The Refugee Challenge leaders.

– Chelsea, Student Facilitator


From Teachers




The interactive experience provided by the Refugee Challenge is a powerful and effective way for students to learn about human rights and their relevance for all people. The Refugee Challenge will help students ‘make sense of the world today’ and become ‘active and informed citizens.’


Dr Daryl Le Cornu

History Curriculum Educator

10 December 2018

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