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Training & Events


Training: Understanding Refugees


We have years of experience training people about refugee and social justice issues. If your school, church, workplace, or community group would like training in understanding refugee issues, we can deliver training covering the content depending on your objectives.

Content Options Include:

  • The global and national refugee situation

  • Refugee experiences: fleeing, crossing borders, seeking safety

  • Updates about specific refugee situations around the world 

  • Inspiring change workshops – advocacy and how make positive change

  • Cultural sensitivity and understanding

  • Cross-cultural contexts and skills

  • How you can support refugees




We can coordinate or provide support in running events that raise awareness and/or provide a platform for refugee voices and performances. We can cater for events depending on your objectives. Please choose options from the following three categories to design your event.

Category 1: Type of Group

  • Primary School

  • High School

  • Church

  • Community Group

  • Workplace

Category 2: Purpose of Event

  • Celebrating Refugee Week, Harmony Day or Human Rights Day

  • Empathy building

  • Advocacy

  • Awareness Raising

  • Team building

  • Community Outreach

  • Raising resources and funds for refugees


Category 3: Event Elements

  • Film screening

  • Information session

  • Panel discussion

  • Refugee speaker

  • Advocacy workshop

  • Simulated activity

  • Refugee catering

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