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1. Who can participate in The Refugee Challenge?

The Refugee Challenge is designed to be run in high schools, particularly for students in year 10, however the simulation can be adapted for primary schools, workplaces, churches and community groups. To discuss these options, please contact us.

2. What do coordinators from The Refugee Challenge provide?

Staff and volunteers to run The Refugee Challenge simulation, provide training and debrief sessions. Resources, materials. Expertise, knowledge, answer questions


3. What do schools need to provide to run The Refugee Challenge?

Please see 'The Refugee Simulation Overview'.

4. How does The Refugee Challenge tie in with students' education?

Schools may base learning modules and projects on The Refugee Challenge. They may also use the simulation experience for leadership development, team building, identity exploration and empathy building to combat bullying and social isolation. The Refugee Challenge provides education about culture, international politics, history, geography, society and power, Please see 'Learning Outcomes' for more details.

4. How much does it cost to run The Refugee Challenge?

The price will depend on a range of factors. Please contact us to negotiate the price.

5. What are the risks of running The Refugee Challenge?

There can be risks running simulations where students are given the opportunity to empathise with vulnerable and persecuted people. Therefore it requires experienced staff and volunteers to safely run simulations and minimise risks. Please contact us to receive a risk assessment plan.

6. Where can The Refugee Challenge be run?

The Refugee Challenge is also based in Sydney. If you would like to run The Refugee Challenge outside of Sydney there may be additional charges.

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