Learning Outcomes

"Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember;
involve me and I'll understand."
-Chinese Proverb

The Refugee Challenge teaches participants about refugee experiences. The program fosters an understanding of human rights as we discuss the history of the UN Declaration of Human Rights and help participants to understand that these rights belong to everyone.


When participants are immersed in a refugee like situation they are faced with risky choices and difficult decisions. The issue moves from a head issue to a heart issue, which cultivates a deeper understanding. An experiential learning environment that goes beyond the classroom is what The Refugee Challenge provides. Students explore key syllabus points in an engaging and interactive way. 

Please contact us to see how The Refugee Challenge relates to the Department of Education's syllabus for History, Geography, Legal Studies, English. This program inspires students to become "active and informed citizens" (Australian Curriculum Rationale)

Empathy and Understanding


There has never been a more important time to understand the plight of refugees. Currently there are 68.5 million people in the world who are experiencing refugee like situations. This includes 40 million forcefully displaced people, 25.4 million registered refugees, and 3.1 million people seeking asylum. These are numbers never before seen in human history. (UNHCR Figures at a Glance, 2018)

The Refugee Challenge allows participants to develop empathy and understanding for refugees and people seeking asylum by walking in their shoes. For a short while, participants get a glimpse of the challenges faced by millions of people around the world.

Leadership Development

Student Participants

The simulation puts students in positions where they must demonstrate initiative, critical thinking and problem solving. During debrief sessions students explore the potential to make positive change and stand up for the rights of different groups in society, including vulnerable people.


Student Facilitators

Student Facilitators assist in running The Refugee Challenge, providing them with the opportunity to lead with confidence, commitment, passion, empathy and the ability to inspire others. Many of our Student Facilitators proceed to lead their peers and school in other social justice or school initiatives.

Team Building


The Refugee Challenge is all about community. We aspire to create a world where everyone belongs. Everyone involved in the simulation can contribute and has a valuable role to play.


Student Participants

Student participants experience their refugee journey together in 'family' groups. As they face challenges and hardship, a strong sense of community is built. During the simulation participants rely on each other to find shelter, food, water, education, safety and security. Participants practise teamwork as they work together to progress through the simulation.


Student Facilitators

Student Facilitators work together with our team to bring The Refugee Challenge to life. Together they will complete training and workshops before running the simulation for student participants and enjoying a celebration event afterwards. This fosters a collective sense of achievement and belonging in the group. Students often reflect that working together as a team is one of the most satisfying aspects of the project.