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The refugee challenge

"Restoring Hope and Building Capacity"

The Refugee Challenge seeks to create a better Australia for refugees through raising awareness, advocacy and providing a platform for refugee voices. Our key offering is The Refugee Challenge simulation which allows participants to walk in a refugee's shoes, be faced with heartbreaking decisions and start to understand the refugee experience. The simulation was originally designed for high school students in year 10 but can now be adapted to broader high school, primary schools, churches, workplaces and community groups. The Refugee Challenge can also help you run other events to support refugees in Australia.

The Refugee Challenge Simulation


Training: 'Understanding Refugees'


Events including:

  • Film screenings

  • Information sessions

  • Panel discussions

  • Refugee speakers

  • Advocacy workshops

  • Simulated activities

  • Refugee catering

Learning outcomes

Students will learn about:

  • Global and national refugee situations

  • Human rights

  • Cultural sensitivity

  • Deeper understand-ing of Curriculum


Develop empathy through hearing real refugee stories

Leadership and teamwork skills

Teamwork opportunities for all students. Student facilitators will workshop and practise leadership.

quotes from teachers and students

'Such a beneficial event, was team building and life changing.  Would like to participate again.'

- Student Facilitator

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