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The Refugee Challenge Simulation


Training: 'Understanding Refugees'


Events including:

  • Film screenings

  • Information sessions

  • Panel discussions

  • Refugee speakers

  • Advocacy workshops

  • Simulated activities

  • Refugee catering

Contact us for information and pricing


Volunteers are an essential part of The Refugee Challenge simulations.


Volunteers can help out with:

  • Set up and pack up

  • Acting in the simulation

  • Audio-visual support

  • Promotion

Please contact us to discuss how you can contribute to The Refugee Challenge.


The Refugee Challenge aims to provide provide quality simulations, training and events. Through these events we also seek to employ refugees and people seeking asylum.


To achieve this we require the generosity of donors to resource our operations. Your donation would contribute to creating a safe, welcoming and informed environment for refugees and people seeking asylum in Australia. It would also help provide them with needed employment opportunities.

Please contact us to discuss how you can donate to The Refugee Challenge.

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