Meet The Team

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Amelia Savage

Amelia has been involved in supporting refugees and people seeking asylum for eight years as both a volunteer and employee. Her experience includes:

  • Running refugee simulations since 2013

  • Providing expertise on asylum seeker issues to individuals, churches, community groups and organisations

  • Training hundreds of people in understanding refugees and people seeking asylum

  • Providing individual support and emergency relief to refugees and people seeking asylum

  • Designing and delivering community programs to support people from refugee backgrounds

  • Supporting volunteers involved with refugees

  • Coordinating awareness raising events

  • Driving advocacy initiatives in both large NGO and grassroots contexts

Kylie Tomalaris

Kylie has been working with refugees and people seeking asylum as a volunteer, employee and advisor for over 20 years. She is passionate about raising awareness about refugee issues to foster an informed community that welcomes and supports refugees in Australian society. Her vast experience includes:

  • Running refugee simulations since the 1990s in churches, schools and community groups

  • Coordinating volunteer groups visiting Villawood Detention Centre for 6 years

  • Organising peaceful grassroots advocacy activities e.g. vigils, writing letters to members of parliament, exhibits and displays

  • Presenting talks and information sessions at churches, community events and schools

  • Travelling to developing countries to deliver educational programs and make promotional and awareness raising videos

  • Running educational programs for students to understand global poverty

  • Coordinating programs and events to raise resources for organisations providing aid, advocacy and support to vulnerable people

  • Consultant to Auburn Council’s Refugee Camp in My Neighbourhood

  • Chaplaincy in primary school

  • Teaching special education in schools

Iman Najjari
Advisor and Speaker

As someone with a lived experience Iman is passionate about creating hope and a better future for refugees and people seeking asylum. Although Iman has suffered true hardship, he takes his experience and uses it to help foster understanding and empathy in others.

Sarah Milne
Media and Support

Sarah has two years experience working with people from refugee and asylum seeking backgrounds. During this time she designed and delivered volunteer programs and training. She also has experience in event coordination, media and communication as a volunteer and employee. Sarah is currently completing her Bachelor of Social Work.